Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An all time favourite

Runs don't come much better, if you are one of those people that love running for the sheer joy and pleasure then should you find yourself in the Bay of Islands the one I did tonight rates as one of the best.


I am staying in a little cove called Omakiwi Cove, a stunning anchorage, a quick trip a shore in the dinghy once madam was asleep and counting sheep saw me discover an incredible run, a small gravel road winds its way around the beaches and Marae's of the Rawhiti peninsula ending at one of my all time best beaches, Oke Bay and then a little less stylish and a lot more sweaty I retraced my steps, once back at the beach a quick HOT shower was had, oh, hope she didn't mind, Kiri Tekanawa owns a beautiful beach front property in the bay next door with a great outdoor shower, how could I resist, if Kiri is reading the blog at any point (which I sincerely doubt) a huge thank you.


The moon is stunning so a quick shot of that for you from the dinghy on the way back to the boat.


Lastly, the blue boat, we upgraded today, it has three masts as one is far too easy, 30 cabins in case we have lots of visitors and five crew so Eva and I dont have to do anything, so actually we downgraded as Sea Esta is all we want and more :-)


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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A few happy snaps

The weather has turned to custard for the next few days so we are held up in a little cove in the Bay of Islands and finally we have some coverage to get some photos through and update you on our movements.
The weather over the last three weeks has been amazing and we have travelled north to Whangaroa for Eva's birthday, after taking on some crew, well one, we then ventured further north to explore the stunning little beaches and rugged coastline that makes up northern New Zealand, the weather was great but the swell was just as great, really good for surfing not really good for exposed bays so back to Whangaroa it was for a spot of snapper fishing and flounder to boot.
We then headed south back into the Bay of Islands to drop off the crew after two weeks and catch up with mum and dad for breakfast in romantic Russel, the last two weeks have been a social whirlwind and we have successfully caught in addition to the Snapper and Flounder, Kingfish and Kahawai so it has been a very healthy existence.
Eva is developing faster than I could imagine and continues to be nothing other than happy and easy, she has dad dad dad down pat to that is all good and picks up on everything which is both good and bad!!!!
Taking it easy for the next few days before heading back in to spend time with my niece Chloe oh and of course her parents, really excited to be seeing them over Easter, hope you all have been out and bought your Easter eggs and hot cross buns and have plans to make it a very special time.
A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sam Wyldes and a belated but very special Grace Wyldes for the 26th, look forward to seeing you guys in a month.

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FW: First Birthday

Sorry for the double up, just gets it to the blog, will update you next week with what is being happening including a few more snaps.
One year, we made it, I never actually thought I would, with the support of friends and family it as been a hell of a year but you have all made it achievable.

A special day was had by Miss Eva Whyman and a huge thank you to all of you for your presents and cards, a great location to celebrate such a momentous event.

Happy Birthday Eva, your mum dreamed of seeing in your first birthday, but hopefully from where she is she was able to be a part of it.

Enjoy a few snaps of the moment.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Here we are again, away on the high seas and amazingly I have got a little more organised and have internet access, it is pretty slow and won't be checking my email often more just to send you all updates on our adventures and Eva's development.

Wow almost a year since Eva was born, well on Wednesday anyway, how the hell did that happen and how the hell did all that happened happen in a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Find attached a few snaps of recent events, yes they are fish and yes I did catch them, and Eva is now climbing and on everything at that, one big face plant followed by much noise and a big red mark on her head, no damage done but she got a fright, bruise to follow I am sure, how quickly they go from being babies to toddlers!!!

At the end of next month we head back to the UK to tidy up many loose ends and spend time with family and friends in the north, at the same time as being hard it is also exciting but we will miss Sea Esta and the friends of new and old while we are away.

Miss Eva will need a new dress as we have an incredibly special wedding to go to in the middle of May in the UK so we are both excited and over the moon to be in the UK at the right time, I reckon they planned it so we were J


Oh well time to go, the sun is out and my tan is fading !!!!!


We have a special day organised for Eva on Wednesday and are going to a boutique accessed only by water lodge for lunch, gran had made a special cake and the candle is sorted, pictures will follow.


One last thing before I go, many of you have had or are about to have major events in your lives and I have been a lot remiss in recognising them, sending cards, presents etc, I am truly sorry but the last few months have been about me and about Eva and I expect a few more to come will be as well, I hope to get better as the year goes by and continue to celebrate all your events as Karen had done so well.

So a couple just so you know I think of you on the day:

Action Jackson's 2nd birthday.

Debs, well on the way with number two.

Helen, a new member of the family, very exciting.

Sam and Janine's engagement.

Mark and Loretta's daughter Chloe, wow, my niece, Eva's cousin.



Birthdays, Belinda's.



Alright, this time I am going, until next time, live the DREAM.


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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An update, FINALLY

Wow, here we are back in Kerikeri after four weeks away in Sea Esta, what a trip, after rounding Cape Brett in what can only be described as seas like a washing machine to the calm waters of Whangaruru and then the stunning history of Kawau, a quick stopover in Auckland and then out to Great Barrier which was absolutely stunning.
We then headed back north and spent the rest of the time exploring the Bay of Island back in this morning.  I have made the big decision and quit work and my attention and focus is on being mum and dad for Eva, yesterday was Karen's birthday and we sung and celebrated as if she was here, hopefully she heard.
I haven't had any email access so sorry for not replying and updating you over the last month but it has also been good just to take a break and be David and Eva.  Oh and Eva, mmmmm madam comes to mind, top and bottom teeth, sitting, crawling and exploring, smiling, smiling some more and socialising, yes strange as it may seem away for a month and socialising, it is not often (NEVER) you hear of a guy away with a baby on a yacht and by themselves and curiosity kills the cat so we have met so many people.  Eva has been a dream, being on the boat seems to natural and it hasn't just worked it has been better than plain sailing.  

I have two absolute, complete and unconditional loves, cycling and sailing, cycling with a baby, no, sailing with a baby, maybe.


I had a dream, I didn't know if it was viable or if at all possible but the way I saw it there was only one way to find out and that was try out, we found the right boat, sailed it back to Kerikeri single handed to see if that was ok, went away with Eva for a few days to test that, then early February set out for a month.


Without the support of my mum and dad who believed in me and my dream this would not be my reality, I share my stories because I thinks its worth doing so and to help and offer assistance to others in my or a similar situation or those afraid to pursue their dreams, I did and so can you.


While being away and humbled by people, they are so generous and supportive it leaves me speechless, the amercians on the sister ship to Sea Esta, the aussie that gave us fresh fish for dinner, the people from kerikeri who are now like family, the two couples from whangamata dinner (crayfish and mussels mid you) and support, the young guys on city slicker, they have all mazed me as much as I them.

So find attached a few photos for your perusal.
Our next adventure sees us venture north to Whangaroa and then up to the famous (in the world that is) home of fish and chips Mangonui.
If you need to get hold of me then use the NZ number +64 22 407 3155 or email me but it may take a while for me to get back to you.
Happy sailing.

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