Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Girly things

Oh forgot to mention a great supplier I have found for pretty special hair clips, no I am not gay they just look amazing so if you have a little girl, spoil them and splash out.

A quick update

Wow, who would believe 11 days until Christmas, it has been pretty full on since we got back at the beginning of November, Eva has been spending two days a week in daycare which has been great for both of us and she loves it, aren't children meant to cry when you leave, Eva cries when she has to leave.

Looking forward to getting away again on Sea Esta come Boxing Day and catching up with our sea bound friends, I start my dive course tonight and thanks to the generosity of Lindsay Bull a very dear family friend have all the gear to keep me safe and breathing while exploring below.

Our plans are to head down to the Barrier and Mercury Islands for a few weeks and generally explore and take it easy, catch some fish, scallops and crayfish, drink some wine and generally just have fun and enjoy the entertainment that is Eva, she is great fun and makes this parenting lark all seem very easy, looking forward to 13, NOT.

We have cemented our winter escape plan for next year and will be leaving somewhere between the last week of April and the first two weeks of May for Fiji (aiming for a great weather window), there is so much to see and do there and the ICA has done a deal which means all the entry costs into Fiji are waived which is a bonus.  Planning on spending the whole season there and we are already excited.  Having more time there will enable us to do a whole lot more exploring both on and off the boat and hopefully find a half marathon or two to keep in shape.

Well that's about it for now, either way will be down in Auckland late January, new babies and old friends to see as well as cousins and family.

Have great Christmas and New Year, celebrate in style and look forward to posting some photos of Eva celebrating and unwrapping her gifts.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

BOATING NZ Cruising with kids Article - December Issue

I've shared the document Crusing with kids.pdf with you.

I am sharing these files with you, have a browse and enjoy.

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