Saturday, February 13, 2010

A quick update

Just a quick email as I have a really slow connection, a bit like dial up :-), letting you know, we are away in the boat and internet access is pretty much zero, we are doing great and all is going better than I expected, off to the Barrier tomorrow, if you need to get hold of us please dont rely on email fire me a text to 0224073155, must fly, Eva's dinner time.
Will be away for another 2-3 weekds so sorry for the infrequent updates, have fun, we certainly will.

Check on MSN NZ Money for a hand Feeling the financial pinch?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Babies and boats mean hand washing, nice evening though!

Taking a less conventional path

Well you probably worked it out already, as I type this I am sitting in a bay in Whangaruru Harbour, Eva is sound asleep and the boat I have been taking the pictures from is indeed mine and Eva's.

As part of excepting the reality of my situation I decided life was far to short and Eva far too precious for me to spend my life working and putting Eva in someone else's care effectively meaning they would be bringing her up. Karen and I agreed that childcare was not for us and yes it is hard and yes I end up sacrificing a lot but that is parenthood, if I wasn't willing to be a parent then I should never have had the fun!

So where to from here, the next five years are about Eva and being the best mum & dad I can be, I can never hope to bring to Eva what Karen would but I sure as hell will do my best, hey Karen always thought I was gay!! so we will spend the NZ summer in NZ based out of Kerikeri and the NZ winter in the Islands and Northern Australia. Living and cruising aboard our boat Sea Esta, after that who knows.

You are more than welcome to join us anytime anywhere and be a part of our adventure.

We are away this time for round figures a month heading down the coast to Auckland, I will grab a marina in Auckland so I an see all of you that are in the area and introduce you to Eva, we will then head to the gulf and the Barrier before heading back north.

Well that's it for now, a few people have had expressions of shock knowing I am away on a 44 foot yacht with an 11 month old baby and hans solo, rest assured sailing is in my blood, I was born and raised to sail and Eva just adds another dimension and keeps me busy whilst doing so!

Enjoy your weekend and like I said if you ever want to spend time with us then just do it!!

Now back to my dinner and glass of red.

The Cape Brett washing machine

Three miles from the Cape.

Suns out, great breeze, looking forward to rounding the Cape and cracking the sheets, should be a great sail to Whangaruru. Still a bit of a sea running from yesterday but Sea Esta loves it, I couldn't ask for a better sea boat.

Surrounded, wow

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Thankfully we have managed to setup the Jolly Jumper on the boat, that blur is Eva, sorry hard capturing Eva stationary!!