Thursday, August 12, 2010

An attempt at balance

An update, finally, mmmmm, it has been an interesting couple of weeks and I am pleased to say that Eva is now settled and back to her normal self, Eva's vomiting reared its ugly head again, she is REALLY REALLY good at going to bed, making herself vomit, being cleaned up and then making herself vomit all through the bed again, testing and trying but a good attempt at getting me back in her bedroom and falling asleep in dads arms.
I have to admit it took me to the edge and thanks to a little help from friends (the team at SOS AGAIN)  I played hard ball, a bit of yelling, lots of NOing and all is good, TOUCH WOOD.
Even managed a couple of rides and runs this week so starting to regain some balance, swimming is going great guns and Eva prefers to be a submarine than a boat, we have also been going to mainly music and the other kids don't seem to disturbed by my singing but the parents give me lots of strange looks, never mind, Eva loves it and is a regular little boogier so who cares.
I have taken a big leap of faith this week and enrolled Eva in childcare, Tuesday and Thursday mornings which is as much for me as for Eva, I need some me time and it gives me a chance to do what I want to do twice a week, in addition I think it will be great for Eva and we will both be better at our respective roles as a result, ME DAD, EVA DAUGHTER right!
Eva is continuing to develop and more and more become a mix of Karen and I which is a bloody scary thought, head strong, moody, stubborn, feisty, nice combo, as much as they make life difficult now they are attributes that when added to patience and control will be things I love so much about her.
Its great being back in NZ and being here, the boat and our plans all feel right, its is the first time in a while I feel like life is on track I and how I want it to be which is somewhat of a change.
SO WHAT NOW?? Well to start Eva walking would be a good one, yes she is yet to take that first step, all good things come to those that wait right, I have a few plans for Sea Esta, turning her to our home is the plan and cant wait for the next four years of summer, really don't do winter. 
Anyway time to chill out before catching some zzzs.  

Friday, August 6, 2010

Giving dad a hand!

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