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Nice night!!

Warm too boot, just been for a swim

About to have a cousin

I have been wondering why Eva is so excited today, I thought it was just being away in the boat and the sun has finally some out and my vibrant personality but no it would appear she is excited about the impending arrival, tomorrow no less, of my brother and his wife's soon to be baby daughter, looking forward to the great news tomorrow of a very happy and healthy Loretta and daughter, cousin and wow this does make me feel old Niece.

A perfect place for the trip ashore

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dinner boat style!

It goes without saying

Improvised play mat

Well here we are, turning the theory into reality, away on a 44 foot yacht just Eva and I and so far so good, Eva has the master cabin and her portacot fits perfectly, two sleeps without a hitch and she seems to be settling in as if she was born to it!!

Tonight will be the telltale and hoping my boating skills aren't a lost long memory and we have a great hold with the anchor, we are in a little cove in a place called Te Puna inlet on the other side of the Bay of Islands, tomorrow we will hoist some sail and see how Eva goes with that.

Must fly time to get set for dinner, I forgot the Baby Blinks DVD so may have to settle for dad putting on a bright skivey and impersonating the wiggles, yes I even have a bright skivey with me, well no not really but that would ruin the story.

If you are boat friendly then feel free to join us, there is always a spare bunk or too just byo food and alcohol.

A girl just has to do things herself!!

The start of new adventures

A big thanks to grandma and granddad for making this possible.

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Leaving Tauranga

The couple I brought the boat from took these of me getting ready and then leaving, they were great and had a few tears in there eyes seeing their baby go.  So if you are having a glass of wine, a beer or whatever you drink on a Sunday night raise a glass to new and exciting adventures.

If it exists, you'll find it on SEEK Want to be a Space Travel Agent?

Aren't I lucky

A huge thank you to Dave, Kate and Emily, the cooler bag and containers are too good, very me.
More so the card was really cool, and yes you are right dad will be hard pressed to top the boat present.


MSN NZ Travel Find a way to cure that travel bug

Friday, January 15, 2010


Turning the corner

Cape Brett


Two hours to Cape Brett and what a stunning day to sail around the Hole in the Rock and into the Bay of Islands, can't wait to see Eva!

The start of a new day ahead, Poor Knights to leeward

The start of a new day behind

Early hours

Well here I am, its 4am now and the breeze has held through the night, this is always the hardest time waiting for the sun to start appearing and staying awake and alert. I am still trucking along and have averaged around 7 knots, not bad for an old girl, just passing the Hen and Chicks and soon to be a beam of Tutakaka.

Hope to get some shots of what should be a stunning sunrise.

Night sailing

It is hard to beat, I have just passed the barrier next stop Cape Brett, currently doing 6.8 knots and it is a stunning night, the sky littered with stars and the wind must be going north soon as the water is full of phosphorus a couple or porpoise came to play around the boat and they looked like torpedo.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Finally some breeze

Hope you can see this

Ahhh memories of being a kid again, the dark patch is a big school of fish and every now and then a fin of a game fish goes flying through the middle consuming lunch, stunning, this is what it use to be like, great to see that the school fish are returning and here's hoping NZ continues to reduce fishing quotas and achieve sustainable fishing!!

The first signs of the impending southerly, fast track to home.

Sails up and heading north

Where is Wally??


The big day, setting off once the tide is right, all set to go and can't wait so excited, more importantly looking forward to getting back to Eva.

A big congratulations to that brother and law of mine, Sam & Janine have got engaged and are getting married in May, they are such special people and Eva and I wish them every happiness, 2010 is going to be a year with so much more happiness and far less sadness.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where is Wally (David)

If you haven't heard of where's wally then its pretty simple, guess where I am from a picture I post, good luck with this one, I am hungry so time to eat, a clue, didn't catch any fish so smoked chicken salad!!??