Sunday, June 30, 2013

They may have bombed our boat but

I can't help but love france, is it the food, the wine, the culture, the weather, the French chic, the architecture, the cyclist,  actually I think it's all that and more.
After an amazing four days I can't help but want, again, to live in Europe, St Tropez, Nice, Canne, Cote De Zur, it reads like a travelling dream and it is.
From fresh pasteries for breakfast, hanging at the beach, wandering the back streets, admiring the super yachts, refuelling with a cheese platter baguette and vino, a swim in the pool, my and Eva 's heaven.
Most special of all we got to spend time with Eva's god mother Ruth, husband David and last but not least daughter Ruth.
As you all know, four years ago on the eleventh of July my life changed for ever, Karen and I made the decision that work would wait and Eva would not, as a result money means that without all of you Eva and I wouldn't do and see half as much as we do, so Ruth and David THANK YOU for sharing your place and yourselves, we might just have to come back next year.
So what now, another few days in Kettering with Eva's great aunties and uncles who we have had an incredible time with, Eva may only have one set of biological grandparents active in her life (yes Karen's parents have chosen not to see Eva), she does however have six adopted grandparents in her great aunties and uncles.
We then head south to Brighton, Eva is so excited to see team Pitt, well sorry Craig and Janine, Rori anyway.
After a few days we then head to London so Ange and Lee can top off our UK adventure to make it perfect.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Wow, south of France, high twenties, blue skies, balmy nights, amazing cheese, pastries to die for, how lucky are we.
Flew from the UK today to Nice followed by a short drive to where we are staying, we are so incredibly lucky to have the chance to relax here with Ruth, Eva's godmother, husband David and daughter Millie.
Planning to spend the next few days exploring including a quick trip to Cannes, swimming, sun, sea wow my heaven.
Hopefully Eva learned her lesson today about the deep and shallow end of the pool, it seems to always be my challenge how she learns lessons, to see your child about to make a mistake you know want hurt them but will give them the fright of their lives.  Mmmmm when to intervene, hopefully I get it right, no harm done just a bit of water swallowed and HOPEFULLY a wiser daughter for the experience, hard all the same.
Ok sleep time.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ripley Icecream

Its great to be back in Harrogate, beautiful day, bizarre as it sounds, I really miss it here.
Bumped into old friends already and hanging out in The Valley Gardens.

Got to love Harrogate


Monday, June 17, 2013

UK Number

All sorted have a UK number so if you need me +447544280804.