Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our extended family

Again we get to experience another cyclone, Wilma, three in two weeks but at least we have them down pat by now, so even though we are held up in an anchorage again and cabin fever soon to be our friend we have had the most incredible visit from our extended family again, Eva is one very lucky little girl, the dolphins hung around for well over two hours and trawled the bay, it was so amazing to watch them work as a team herding up the fish and then going in for lunch, there were amongst them babies which would have been about a quarter of the mums size, learning the ropes and all that.

One bizarre thing we noticed was the dolphins on one side of the round up team had seaweed around their fins, very strange, I guess its to help but either way it wasn't there by accident and my dolphin knwoledge doesn't extended that deep to give you the encyclopedia insight. 

Eva loves them and stands on my shoulders yelling jump, jump then when they do she yells yeah and claps, very funny.

So what now, this cylone is meaant to move through pretty quickly and by Saturday afternoon things will be well on the improve so we will either head south Saturday or Sunday, the weather is meant to be stunning alol next week so we can take our time, there are a few placer I haven't been since I was a kid to hope to take Eva to do some exploring.  

Aiming to be in Kawau later next week, there is a cafe in Mansion House Bay that does dinner plate size scones and quality does equal quantity and I would love to show Eva the peacocks and wallabies, jump, jump, yeah again I am sure.  We should be in Auckland all things going to plan next weekend so will grab a marina fopr the weekend and catch up with all of you and your new additions.

Eva continues to be a good first mate but likes to eat everything I do suffice to say I seem to be going with out, one of us is getting bigger an done smaller.  she has quite the personality in a good and bad way, I couldn't be prouder.  Oh, if you are ever in Russell, one street back from main street is a very cute little clothing and homewares shop, they have some very special stuff well worth a look.

Keen to get a few runs in again so will start at the first opportunity, my knee is feeling more than a bit strange after the surgery so I want to test it out a bit before going back to the orthopod and in case I bump into any of you and end up going for a run or on a bike not keen on a good assing kicking as opposed to giving one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye for now.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Parent abuse

This has to be my verion of parent abuse, in the last week we have had the edge of a cyclone, one fine day and then a huge amount of rain and wind, confined in a small
space with a 22 month old oh and myself is not my idea of fun, like all of us I love nothing better than snuggling up in bed falling asleep to the sound of the rain but
that was great the first night and maybe the second but the novelty is starting to wear off.

The forecast is for the sun to appear again Tuesday so looking forward to that, Eva and I are far too alike and if we cant get rid of our energy then is a bit like 

All in all though things have been superb, other than the obvious issue of loneliness Eva and I are both born to the ocean and it is great to spend so much time with
each other something very few dads have the pleasure and luxury of.

Last week we got to spend an amazing few days cruising in company, the Hartleys were away on another boat and it was really special to spend time just hanging out
having a few wines, playing cards, watching the kids play and stretching the grey matter Lauraine and Grant are incredible people and I am very lucky to have them
as friends.

So the plan now, well head south really, a friend has just had a baby so Auckland bound we are and a few friends are around im mid February so in all likelihood spend 
the best part of the month down there before heading back up north, it all depends on the weather, if its easy then we will go south if not we will do a cruing race next
week north to Whangaroa with some friends. 

Come join us . . . . .

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cabin Fever

The forecast today, 50 knots nice, its summer right!!!!

Gale warning.
Tuesday: Northeast 25 knots gusting 35 knots rising to 40 knots gusting 50 knots this afternoon then easing to northerly 30 knots gusting 40 knots this evening. Rough sea becoming very rough for a time this afternoon and evening. Poor visibility in periods of rain, heavy at times.
Wednesday: Changing southwest 20 knots gusting 30 knots in the morning and easing to 15 knots in the evening. Rough sea becoming moderate in the morning and slight in the evening. Poor visibility in rain clearing in the morning and becoming fine.

Thursday: Becoming northeast 10 knots by afternoon, tending southeast 15 knots in the evening. Fine at first, but few showers developing afternoon.
Friday: Southeast 15 knots. Occasional showers.
Saturday: Southeast rising 20 knots. Periods of rain.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It still continues to amaze me, a gift from a far

If your into sailing you will have heard of Tom Schnackenberg, I had the pleasure of having dinner with Tom and his wife as well as the rest of the Schnackenberg clan, privileged indeed, all it does is highlight how what Eva and I am doing amazes even truly amazing people, it also highlights how small New Zealand is and the one degree of separation.

Tom's brother John is married to Catherine who I use to go to athletics with, she lived in the next street, Tercel Place, Sunnyhills in Auckland and her dad is a very famous, well in Pakuranga athletic circles anyway, Mike Murray, he often set me on the straight and narrow as a budding sprinter.

Also on board was another who's who of NZ yachting Mike Sanderson who's dad operated on my knee three weeks ago, just another coincidence a good friend of mine Richard Speer stayed with the Schnackenbergs at their home in Valencia, the list goes on, a very strange night indeed.

So how did I end up there for dinner other than my stunning good looks and vibrant personality, well yes you guessed Eva, Tom's wife Annie lost her mother at the ripe old age of 9 months and was bought up by her father, seeing Eva and I together on the beach and swimming brought images of what she imagined her father did with her, it was a very emotional conversation for us all and am still touched that we were both able to open our hearts and share our experiences.

So the gift, Annie  was wearing a beautiful bracelet, before I left she took it off, put it in a beautiful bag and gave it to me for Eva and asked me to tell Eva about how she came about it when she is old enough, speechless.

Tales from the sea, now all I need is some Northerlies so I can head south.