Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A day to remember

Together as a family, these are the days we will always treasure, those moments when we are together as a family and Eva does something for the first time, in this case her first bottle, at 33 weeks she is a little ahead of the game but what else would you expect.
Karen had an amazing day, it was the Karen of old, living and appreciating life, walking together hand in hand, we even managed a trip out and it was so incredible just to feel normal for a change, a moment we will savour.
When we got back it was time to catch up with miss mischievous, and what a day she had also had, it was time to move out of the incubator and into her own bed, it was a really ermotional day for us as Eva is no longer an extremely preamure baby but a thriving growing huggies one, albeit with a saw bottom, those pampers having been causing her no end of trouble so the relief on her face when she saw the huggies is best shown in the attached picture!  During the move they decided that rather than trying unsuccessfully I might add to suck dads nipples we might try a bottle and the attached photos and videos tell the story, an amazing day.

Video 1
Video 2
The Whyman's

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I am a Huggies Baby

Wow, I thought Eva was just a single sponsor Drager baby, now she has sponsorship from Huggies as well, a huge thank you to Grant Hartley, the worlds best travelled premature nappies arrived today, they have a whole lot of number eight wire and can do attitude attached as they come from the land of the long white cloud, Grant you are a legend, we are all overcome with emotion, Jesus I must be getting soft. 
Oh and Grant will be sure top keep us all posted when he wins the Hartley 16 nationals although he may need the esteemed help of Guy (rockstar sailor) and I for that.
Oh, there ain't no nappies like Huggies.

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Its almost funny

You have to love hospitals, somehow which know one can work out they lost Karen's chemo last night so she is having it this morning as I send this, hard to believe and I would expect by the end of today we will have had more than a few words. No damage done really but considering Karen's prognosis chemo is our last hope so we are really pissed.

On the other side of the hospital Eva continues to be a star and her facial expressions are too funny.

Off to vent my pissed off frustrations at whoever is near.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Another day, another bit fatter

Another day another chemo, in with the good, out with the bad, after being given a bit of blood yesterday Karen was full of energy to face it all again.  Miss Whyman as always is doing fine, she has know broken the 1.4kg mark so huge, not.
The weather is changing and it feels like winter is departing and the warmer months of summer are upon us, our pram turns up tomorrow and all going to plan Karen will be home in just over a week with Eva not that far behind and then the three of us can look forward to enjoying the outdoors once again, a family once again united. 
Video 1

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

I really like my sleep


Its days like this

Wow what an amazing spring day, cold, crisp and blue, the hardest days of all for Karen and I, these are the days we live for and spending them in hospital for us seems wasted.

Eva is eating, well through a tube anyway, shitting and sleeping happily, Karen is pretty much doing the same but at least she gets to chew her food.

Another round of chemo tomorrow so let the games begin, thanks again to all of you for you messages, texts and gifts.

A really big thank you to Marcus for setting up our blog and as a result making it so much easier to keep you all up to date.

Bye for now.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mum.. Skin on Skin.. simple things

The difference a day can make, 
Words are not necessary today, the pictures and videos clearly show how well mother and daughter are doing.
Video 1
Video 2


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Nappy day, its official I now do nappies as well, had a great and not so great day, held Eva for almost an hour and a half and she was so settled so I must be getting better at it.Karen had a not so good day with the joys of chemo and a temperature as well as being on oxygen each day is a challenge at the moment. I so wish I could do something more than just being there, it is a feeling I far from cherish.Tomorrow is another day.On the upside, Eva is the most spoilt baby that has ever been in NICU, Drager have delivered her the most amazing incubator cover as well as an early development set that you use to position her, it is truly stunning, they also included teddies and comforters for the whole ward, wow we are speechless and it left me in tears. This is incredible so a BIG THANK YOU to Drager, you are the best.The last three weeks have been hard but the thoughts wishes and gifts from you all have helped us along the journey. Two of my best friends in Sydney got married on the 13th of March, with all they had on they continued to be in touch and support us from a far, Marcus and Debs you are the definition of selflessness, thank you. Time for a run, bye for now, enjoy the photos.

Eva settles; Karen fights

Morning, A quick update before I go to the hospital. Eva is really settled other than when she wants food or her nappy changed and then she is really good at letting you know, what a lady. On and even more importantly Eva, she came out of NICU and is now in high dependency, no breathing assistance and almost at full feeds so hoping within a couple of days they can ditch the drip, Karen, just hittiing the post chemo blues and as of this morning feeling like shit, hopefully it wont be so bad this time with the reduced weekly instead of three weekly regime but when I just spoke to her it she was feeling like rubbish and had rung to see how Eva was and that was it, so bluntly she is feeling as bad as last time, it really is f _ _ ked this chemo stuff, we know it is to make her better but when you see what is does in the process it breaks your heart.