Saturday, June 5, 2010

Harrogate goes Kiwi

In the Valley Gardens which is a five minute walk away there use to be some trees, a chainsaw and a few chisels and New Zealand has come to Harrogate, this must be vandalism Harrogate style, maybe the is a budding Kiwi Banksy that we haven't heard about yet!

The loacls seems to love it.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No more JABS

We finally have a much deserved break from those dreaded needles, if you asked me three years ago if I would be so ophey and familiar with needles I would have thought you had rocks in your head, but after two efforts in the cancer war and a premature Eva they seem to have been a bit of a constant companion.
Eva's last jabs were just after Karen died and we both ended up in tears, this one at least just Eva ended up in tears but it pulls pretty hard at those heart strings, we are meant to protect them right, at least I was convinced but Eva not so much so that the jab is far better than the diseases they are protecting her from.
So three jabs later, two in the right and one in the left arm we left with Eva still in tears and looking a little worse for wear, my advise to those that travel in these footsteps, send mum, the nurse asks you to hold them tight so they cant  move and then proceeds to inflict pain, it was ok when Eva was four months she wasn't aware of my involvement and it soon became a distant memory, a few seconds later actually.  This time she was still looking at me tonight when I kissed her good night totally pissed off, so if you want to be the popular one send mum!

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