Friday, April 30, 2010

In blighty, FINALLY

Well here we are back in the UK, that is a long trip, Eva albeit shattered, was, as always, amazing and after a few hiccups thanks to dad (who even got puked on by someone else's kid, nice) we are now settled and enjoying the long days, light before five and dark through till after eight already, wait till summer when it is light till ten.
We have a couple of contact number if you fell like calling, 01423 566 859 is home, 07776 482 947 is our mobile, drop the 0 and add +44 from overseas, internet and skype alive and kicking and look forward to sending you a few snaps and videos of our adventures, go the endless summer :-)

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The next stage

Go Tizzie and the team at Save Our Sleep, the next stage it is, no longer baby, now toddler so we now have Save Our Sleep Toddler.
This is all going far too well, I seem to have survivied babyhood with just a few more grey hairs, I still don't know anything about babies but I do know how to read thankfully so Eva after twelve months has only woken up once between 7am and 7pm and that was this week as a result of a bunged up hooter coutesy of a cold, which thanks to Eva we all have now.
So now we have the toddler book to follow so onwards and upwards, not to sure what I am going to do come the teenage years, mmmm now that part I may have to be on my own steam, looking at Miss Whyman's personality (stubborn, tenacious, pig headed, rascal, strong) it is sure to be more than just a little interesting, but thats all to come. 

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two weeks today

Its hard to believe but our time in New Zealand this trip is nearly up, two weeks today and we will be landing in blightey to start a new adventure and close some left open doors, move out of Harrogate and sell a bit of furniture.
So after seven months we have done and achieved all I could have hoped for and more as well as having direction for the next five years at least, so the plan is pretty much leave here on the 28th, spend somewhere between three weeks and three months in Europe and then return to finish off the boat for the NZ summer. All things going well the plan is loosely:
Winter 2010, Europe.
Spend summer 2010/11 in NZ exploring the North and top of the South Island aiming to spend a month in the Marlborough Sounds, heard there is some ok wineries around about there :-) 
May 2011 will see us depart for fiji and the pacific including Vanuatu.
Maybe Australia for summer 2011/12.
Back to the pacific for winter 2012 doing Noumea etc.
NZ for summer 2012/13.
Cooks and Tahiti for winter 2013.
By this time Eva will be four and we will have a think about what comes next and how well we have done to date, home schooling is an option but it all comes down to how well socialised she is, excluding boys of course.
So why tell you guys, well some of you don't quite have the flexibility that we do and you may want to join us in one of our destination, help deliver the boat or actually just be interested in our plans either way if you like sailing going north is great it gets warmer each day and by day four it is shorts and t-shirts.
In between leaving NZ and the first week in the UK I could be pretty hard to get hold of, if you need to contact me until I have sorted a UK number email is great and I will do my best to pick them up or if it is urgent I will be regularly in contact with my brother and law Sam and his mobile is (+44) 0754 044 7691, no prank calls I promised Sam.
So to those in the southern hemisphere, bye until later in the year, thanks for summer, it was a great one at that.
For those in the northern hemisphere, see you soon.  

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010